SOT SusSumEarlier this month, four MCA members took our stall, by bus, to the Stoke-on-Trent Sustainability Summit, organised by Stoke Central MP, Jo Gideon. It was themed around ‘three pillars of sustainability’ focussing on the ‘importance of environmental action, economic vision, and social responsibility to restore a healthy planet, economy, and society’.

It was good to hear so many excellent speakers, some of whom we already know and value, and also to see these important issues being integrated in the discussions – not that we agreed with everything that was said, although mostly we did. We were particularly interested in the discussion about the need for clarity on policy to allow workers in the new Green industries to be trained up rapidly. 

As with all these events, the conversations outside the main hall were equally important. It was good to see old friends and colleagues but also to make new contacts and look at future opportunities to collaborate.

Our mascot, Baldrik the Beaver, came with us and was very happy to renew his acquaintance with Friends of the Earth, meet others working in wildlife restoration and get to know Jo Gideon, who did such a fantastic job both organising and chairing the summit.