By creating and encouraging habitats that support a diverse range of plants and wildlife, we can take care of Nature as it struggles to adapt to the impact of climate change. For example, woodlands and well-maintained peat moorlands absorb millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, which mitigates the effects of climate change. In addition, they can help to reduce flooding by absorbing and managing the flow of rainwater.

Above all, the aim of the MCA Nature Group is to conserve and improve Nature throughout the Staffordshire Moorlands in every habitat:

    • Back gardens
    • Local parks
    • Woodlands
    • Roadside verges/roundabouts
    • Moorland areas

Research shows how important Nature is to our wellbeing. Therefore, in finding ways to improve our natural environments, we are also taking care of our own health!

Nature at home

We can do more at home to protect our local habitats.

The Nature Group shares information about gardening to benefit Nature on various topics:

  • Making spaces wildlife friendly
  • Managing our gardens through deluges or droughts
  • The importance of peat-free gardening to protect our Moorlands
  • The benefits and challenges of gardening without chemicals

Therefore, whether you have a window box, a garden, or an allotment, you can join in the discussion with Nature Group! Getting active In the Staffordshire Moorlands we are lucky to enjoy a diverse range of natural environments. However, much of this habitat needs restoring or protecting. Organised by MCA or in partnership with local charities, (or by volunteering with local organisations), Nature Group has taken direct action in several projects, for example:

  • Local tree planting
  • Peat moorland restoration
  • Re-wilding projects

Watch this space for a list of Nature restoration and improvement projects where you can get involved. If you have an event you would like us to include, let us know. Campaigning In addition to its active role, Nature Group campaigns on major issues impacting Nature within the Staffordshire Moorlands. We encourage Staffordshire Moorlands District Council to embrace every opportunity to look after Nature. help our local area lead the way - and inspire others - in Working alongside other charities/organisations, we campaign on a range of issues:

  • Management of Council-owned land for the benefit of wildlife
  • Supporting local businesses to put Nature first

Join us

Join the MCA Nature Group and you can find out more about:

  • Local issues
  • Raising awareness of the crucial role Nature can play in combating climate change
  • Show policy makers how much we care about our local environment

Our Current Priorities

Current Projects

  • Nature Market Stall
  • Peat Free Challenge Campaign
  • Wildflower Verges
  • Campaigning Against Pesticide Use
  • Community Involvement
    • Allotments / Growing Spaces
    • Nature Reserves
    • Tree Planting / Tree Council
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Walk, Talk, or Fork
  • Increasing social media presence

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Coordinator: Wendy Bohme

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