Our focus is to raise public awareness of how overconsumption is affecting our planet and how simple lifestyle changes can alter that. We hope to help people and businesses in our area consume less and recycle, repair and repurpose more.

The main areas we are looking at to start with are as follows:

1. Reduction of single use plastics by setting up water refill sites in our area, to cut the use of single use plastic bottles. We will also to speak to businesses to see if we can help reduce their plastic waste. Particularly the take-aways, by asking them to use biodegradable containers for their food or encouraging customers to bring their own containers.

2. Diet – by asking people to buy locally sourced organic meats from butchers and to reduce their meat and dairy intake. Also by asking people to buy fruit and veg from local green grocers and to buy produce that is in season and hasn’t been flown in from other countries.

3. Sustainable fashion – to raise awareness of the damage fast fashion does to the planet and to promote buying second hand or vintage clothing. Also to encourage the repair or upcycling of shoes and clothing.

4. Recycle and repair of consumer goods – our aim is to start a repair cafe and renewal workshops to extend the lifespan of these goods.

5. To encourage people to shop locally and buy locally sourced and locally produced items to cut down on the transport needed to get the items to the stores.


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