1. Get hold of as much granular information as we can on usage patterns – numbers, seasonality, timings, routes taken, user breakdown. How much information there actually is may depend on the level of reporting that the County demands from Ashbourne Community Transport, who run the service. Also, have the drivers’ views been sought?

2. Establish, if possible, what level of subsidy above the efficiency threshold of £7 the County might be comfortable with, i.e., how thick the leniency layer might be.

3. Work out what level of increased usage would get us to that target.

4. Find out exactly how Moorlands Connect is publicised – and how and where that might be done better - community groups, parishes, national park, tourist sites and appropriate district councillors?

5. Search out similar campaigns elsewhere in the country?

6. Seek help from national transport campaign organisations?

7. Work out how a local, on-the-ground, campaign of engagement might work.

8. Any other ideas?

9. Timetable and responsibilities for all of the above?