Twentys Plenty Speed Sign Glasgow Scotland

20's Plenty Wins Unanimous Support in Rudyard

Horton Parish Council recently held a packed public meeting for residents to hear about 20's Plenty and how a village-wide 20mph limit will make Rudyard a safer and more liveable community. A presentation was given by Mike Barr, who’s leading the campaign for 20’s Plenty across Staffordshire, and Phil Jones, who's advising the Welsh Government on introducing 20mph limits across the whole of Wales from next September.

After the talk there followed time for questions and comments followed by a lively discussion. Over 40 residents from the small village filled the chapel hall and a show of hands was almost unanimous in support of the idea of introducing the scheme in the village. The meeting concluded with a discussion of how to move forward and this will be taken to the next meeting of the parish council.

Helen Stead, Chair of Horton Parish Council, said, “It was great to learn how villages and towns throughout the UK are benefiting from 20mph limits and we want Rudyard to join them”. One resident explained that learning that 20mph limits did not involve speed bumps or other expensive and noisy infrastructure was the clincher for him. It is just the replacement of 30mph signs for 20mph signs with equal legal enforceability.

Mike Barr of Staffordshire 20’s Plenty said, “Many councils have adopted 20mph as the default speed limit for places like Rudyard – the County Council now needs to look at rolling this out throughout Staffordshire.”