GR bughunt 2For this edition, we have a contribution from the coordinators of our Youth Engagement team, Sally and Moira, whose activities cross all boundaries! 

We were very interested in Buxton Wild Weeks that were held last summer and decided that it would be great to do something similar ourselves. Buxton Wild Week engaged with nearly 1000 children, working with three primary schools.

We approached schools as we wanted to get those in and around Leek involved but aiming for one week only with maybe some family activities at the weekends. It was a greater success than we thought as we now have 13 schools involved from nursery to secondary, which is amazing – if a bit of challenge!

Wild Weeks are all about awareness of the environment, appreciation of it and action to help it. This is an excellent way of getting children interested in the world around them and introducing the issues of climate change, such as habitat loss, extreme weather, etc. that affect all living things.  The activities show them how they can help support wildlife and the environment, supported by their teachers and volunteers who sign up to help. If the enthusiasm of the children shown above conducting a bug hunt is any guide, it's clear that they love getting up close and personal with Nature.  If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer during Wild Week further details are here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The idea is that schools will spend a week doing environmental activities – in the classroom built into their normal lessons, experts visiting the school, visits to local green spaces and using their own grounds where possible. This is where extra adult volunteer help is needed. An example of classroom learning is the Art Competition we recently held to raise awareness of the plight of the Curlew - a wonderful bird that spends the summer on our beautiful moorland. It is an endangered species so the competition highlighted this, plus its loss of habitat due to factors that include climate change. Children learnt a lot about the bird, producing wonderful artwork. Three local schools took part. We plan to do something similar during Wild Week and have already held a logo competition for schools taking part. We have also produced a Climate Activity Pack for children, which would be made available for schools who wish to participate.

We have been in regular touch with the schools as it will be complex to arrange - timetabling events in different schools and gathering help and volunteers and hopefully some funding but we are not afraid of a challenge and we have the support of Jackie Wragg of South West Peak who organized the Buxton event.

Children can also work towards the John Muir Award which encourages people to ‘connect with, enjoy and care for wild places’.

Children could achieve the Four Challenges during that one week. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sally Perry and Moira McCourt

Coordinators, Youth Engagement group

Moorlands Climate Action