Leek marketAt last we have a start date for our Climate-friendly market stall.  It will be on Saturday, 24th April on the Market Square in Leek and we’ll be there on a quarterly basis on the fourth Saturday of April, July, October and January. So do come and visit us, take away some samples of green manure seeds and also peat-free composts, so that you can take part in our Peat-free Challenge. [see also our Peat-free Growers FB page]. You can choose some seedlings from those that our green-fingered members are supplying, which of course will all be grown in peat-free composts and without a trace of insecticide (neonicotinoid or otherwise).  Those plants will be really good for people wanting to encourage insects, especially wild bees (read Maggie’s’ article about them), which expect very high standards. 

We’ll have oak seedlings for fostering if you don’t have a big enough garden for them to grow to their full height, otherwise you can adopt them completely.  If you choose to foster, we’ll give you a certificate and take your details so that we can keep in touch about finding a new home when they get too big for yours.  We’ll also be giving away ‘magic’ beans for anyone who wants to grow a beanstalk to look for a castle and giant in the sky or perhaps more realistically have the fun of watching them grow and getting beans at the end.  It’s possible that the giant may even come to us.

We are immensely grateful to Councillors Lyn Swindlehurst, Keith Hoptroff and Mike Gledhill, who kindly donated towards the seeds and composts for the stall via the SMDC Initiative fund.