Local Election BillAmid the buzz of the Energy Fair and the charged enthusiasm for solar power, wind power, retrofit and heat pumps sourced by the air or the ground, lay the question of how to make all this happen in time.  Fortunately, Rupert Meadows, who'd come from London to represent Power for People, was there to explain what we need to accelerate change.  He outlined how his organisation aims to promote community energy but how difficult that is under current legislation.  Which is why they are putting the Local Electricity Bill through parliament. 

The Problem

The potential for community renewable energy to benefit local economies is being blocked by unfair regulations and hugely disproportionate costs.

The Solution

They have drafted the Local Electricity Bill and are campaigning for it to be made law. This would give electricity generators the right to become local suppliers.

The Campaign

So far, they have brought a cross-party group of 304 MPs on board in support. But they need many more and to achieve this they need your help.

Their stall at the Energy Fair gave us all the opportunity to send a postcard to our MP, asking them to support the bill.  For most of us that will be Karen Bradley, who they understand is not entirely opposed but may need a bit more encouragement from her constituents.  

If you feel strongly about this and didn't get the chance to do so at the Fair, please take this opportunity to give your MP a nudge.


 For more information go to powerforpeople.org.uk/the-local-electricity-bill