A Message from Friends of the Earth to whom we are affiliated:

“We need urgent action if we’re to avoid the worst impacts of the climate and nature emergencies. And despite communities already feeling the impacts, the UK government is doing far too little to address these global emergencies.

But we don’t have to rely on national decision-makers alone to take action. Many of the solutions to the climate and nature emergencies lie in our local communities.
From generating green jobs and improving public transport to creating green spaces and reducing air pollution, your council has the power to implement a Climate Action Plan that makes climate solutions a reality.

And as councils across the country get serious about climate action, the pressure for a response at the national level will continue to build. Soon enough the government will have to follow suit.

So will you ask your councillors to make sure your council implements a strong Climate Action Plan? We’ve written a template email you can edit, so it should only take a minute.

There are local campaigners and Climate Action groups across the country already working to get strong Climate Action Plans for their communities. Your email will help put more weight behind their campaigns and show councillors the broad support there is for a local Climate Action Plan.”

Please join in by following this link:


Thank you.