Repair cafeOur Repair Cafes are going from strength to strength, with increasing numbers of visitors and more and more skilled repairers.  We are hugely grateful to them all. 

However, we’re still looking for people to help with our social media, video and publicity - can you spare a couple of hours a month? We’d like to make 2023 an even greater year of growth, as there certainly is a need for our services. If you can help you would be made very welcome in our friendly group.

The totals for our 4 Repair Cafes from August to November have now been confirmed....

Sally2At the end of November 2022, we held our first ever clothes swap at Trinity Church in the Lower Hall. A joint venture between the Youth Engagement and Sustainable Consumer groups.    For a first attempt it was very successful.  We focused on warm clothes, given the time of year and the high cost of keeping our homes warm.  Alongside the clothes swap we offered people the chance to make their own draught excluder for £1.

Unlike a formal clothes swap, we didn’t mind if people just donated, just took clothes, or both.  The main aim was to help people obtain warm clothes and help the environment by not buying new.   People were very generous in their donations and a special thanks goes to Hannah Grimsey

IMG 20220721 165837 1000x750We have been making steady progress with Leek achieving Plastic Free Community status.  To do this we need to fulfil several requirements.   The Town Council have given us their full support and, so far, several local businesses have become Plastic Free Business Champions, reducing their use of plastic.   We also need allies.  These are organisations, clubs, churches, schools, etc. who pledge to try to reduce their plastic use and encourage others to do so too.

One of our allies is Trinity Church, here in Leek. 

Repair cafe launch dayOur plans to set up a Repair Cafe are progressing well - we have had 2 meetings now with over 20 people attending and have already been successful in a couple of grant applications. We are pleased that 3 people have come forward to be PAT testers for electrical items, and now we have had it confirmed that we will receive £500 from County Councillor Charlotte Atkin's Climate Action fund, we can crack on and get the PAT unit purchased and the 3 people get the certification we need for our insurance. We are also grateful for District Councillor Lyn Swindlehurst's grant from her Councillors' Community Initiative Fund.  She's also proved herself pretty nifty with a needle and thread when repairing the trimming on Leek Town Crier Bill Lomas's hat.

repair cafeWe are hoping to establish a Moorlands Repair Cafe project this year, initially based in Leek, but if successful look to expand into other Moorlands towns and villages in the future. The basic idea is to repair items to prevent them being sent to landfill, saving people money, saving resources and also building up skills across our community. There is also a social element, bringing people together to share and support each other. We have visited Repair Cafes in Macclesfield, Congleton and Buxton and now hope to set up a scheme in the Moorlands. We need fixers and a  support team to look after the finances, room bookings, promotion and recruitment on more volunteers.

We have access to resources on how to set up  Repair Cafe, and on March 5th we will be explaining how you can get involved. More details at  Moorlands Repair Cafe.

Recycling bins in Sainburys car parkHappy New Year Everyone,

I’m sure you have had a lot of stuff coming into your homes over Christmas (some wanted, some not!!), however hard you tried to keep it to a minimum. It’s probably time for a sort out. Fortunately nearly all items can be recycled, it's just a question of knowing where. I know it takes a bit of time and effort to sort items and then take them to the right place but it is important that they don’t go in general waste if they don’t have to.

This is just a reminder of  what things can be recycled locally and where.