Calculating carbon footprintWe all have a carbon footprint. It’s the total amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) produced to directly or indirectly support everything we do. From what food we eat, to the houses we live in and what car we drive. The larger our footprint, the more we contribute to global warming and therefore climate change.

Here are some examples of activities that add 1kg of carbon to our personal footprint:
• Travel by bus for 7 miles
• Fly for 2.2 km
• Eat a third of a takeaway cheeseburger
• Operate a computer for 32 hours.

1024px Shanghai recycling transport tricycle Reinhold MoellerKnowing where to take unusual items can be a nightmare for the dedicated recyclist. If we can't find out, those unloved items eventually clutter up our garages, attics or personal living space.  Even worse, they may end up in landfill.

Recycle Now is the answer to all these problems.  You can find out where and whether an item can be recycled and use your postcode to see what can be recycled locally.  A subsidiary of WRAP, Recycle Now aims to help people recycle more things, more often.

Waste Savvy Staffs logo

Waste Savvy Staffs is a campaign run by the County Council to encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle more across Staffordshire. To reach as many people as possible they are looking for the help of volunteers to spread the message and encourage local communities to waste less.

Volunteers will be provided with free training on recycling, food waste reduction and composting in particular, but will also be made aware of other sustainable waste schemes like repair cafes. They will also be working towards setting up community fridges in the county to encourage the sharing of unwanted or surplus food and drink.

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Totally Locally Online

We hardly need to remind our members of the value of local shopping when it comes to sustainable consumerism, especially since so many of our shops in Leek are doing their best to source sustainable and fair trade goods.  The good news is that you can now shop on-line at many of them.  For more details go to:

The Carbon Footprint of Everything...

Crisp packet recycling landscapeNews from the Sustainable Consumer Group - Recycling Plus

We are keen to set up recycling points in the Moorlands for those things that councils don’t traditionally recycle, such as crisp packets, blister packs, etc. These can be provided through Terracycle. There is already a collection box for crisp packets at the Foxlowe and we are working with Transition Buxton to try to provide more for different items. Apparently a lot of Boots and Sainsburys stores across the country are providing old make-up recycling points. So we are hoping to see one in Leek soon.

Talking of recycling, we have been in contact with Ornua as they too are working with Terracycle, to provide a recycling point for cheese wrappers in Leek,  possibly at Sainsburys.  We were also pleased to hear that they have launched a new shape of cheese block for their Pilgrims Choice cheese.  It is more cube shaped and is called a ‘mega block’, using 40% less plastic for each packet. They say this will reduce their plastic usage by over 80 tonnes annually, which is great news.

Our focus is to raise public awareness of how overconsumption is affecting our planet and how simple lifestyle changes can alter that. We hope to help people and businesses in our area consume less and recycle, repair and repurpose more.